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Use this India Tax Calculator to calculate your tax return based on your Monthly pay. If you prefer to calculate your tax return using a different payment period, please select the appropriate tax calculator from the list above.

Income and Assessment Year

About the Monthly India Tax Calculator

The Monthly India Tax Calculator is the most comprehensive online Tax calculator and allows you to calculate your tax deductions simply by entering your Monthly income.
Alternatively, you can select the advanced Monthly tax calculator options and enter specific information about your pension, personal tax circumstances and other earnings.
The Monthly Tax Calculator is update with the 2015 tax slabs and will produce a full tax analysis and breakdown providing you with tax return illustration and estimation of any tax rebates due.
The India Tax Calculator is updated and maintained by iCalculator.
Just looking for a quick example of tax rates and employment costs in India? View the simplified India Tax Illustrations.

Advanced Features

Tick all that you wish to edit and apply in this advanced tax calculation:

Personal Tax Exemptions

Dependents: Maintenance and Medical treatment

Disability Allowances

Other Income

Tax Deductable Expenses

The India Tax Calculator is designed for illustration purposes only. Whilst we aim to deliver high accuracy, we make no guarantees on the accuracy of the calculations made.

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